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Cultivation And Dispensaries

Medical marijuana cultivation and dispensaries are heavily regulated in many counties throughout California. Medical marijuana is legal in California for patients with a doctor’s recommendation. Patients must get a Medical Marijuana Identification Card (MMIC) from the county they live in to be able to purchase medical cannabis from a dispensary. Medical marijuana is also available as an oil, pill, or vaporized. Some counties, like Orange County, have their unique ordinances about medical cannabis.

Here is a list of counties with active medical marijuana programs in California State.

>> Alameda County

>> Alpine County

>> Amador County

>> Butte County

>> Calaveras County

>> Colusa County

>> Contra Costa County

>> Del Norte County

>> El Dorado County

>> Fresno County

>> Glenn County

>> Humboldt County

>> Imperial County

>> Inyo County

>> Kern County

>> Kings County

>> Lake County

>> Lassen County

 >> Los Angeles County

>> Madera County

>> Marin County

>> Mariposa County

>> Mendocino County

>> Merced County

>> Modoc County

>> Mono County

 >> Monterey County

>> Napa County

>> Nevada County

>> Orange County

 >> Placer County

>> Plumas County

>> Riverside County

 >> Sacramento County

>> San Benito County

>> San Bernardino County

 >> San Diego County

>> San Francisco County

>> San Joaquin County

>> San Luis Obispo County

 >> Santa Barbara County

>> Santa Clara County

>> Santa Cruz County

 >> Shasta County

>> Sierra County

>> Siskiyou County

>> Solano County

 >> Sonoma County

>> Stanislaus County

>> Sutter County

 >> Tehama County

 >> Trinity County

>> Tulare County

>> Tuolumne County

>> Ventura County 

>> Yolo County 

>> Yuba County

These counties have seen the positive benefits that medical marijuana can provide to patients suffering from a variety of conditions. Medical cannabis is effective in treating pain, nausea, anxiety, and other conditions.


Dispensaries provide a safe and legal way for patients to obtain their medication. Cultivation sites to purchase medical cannabis from a dispensary. The MMIC allows patients to possess up to eight ounces of dried cannabis and grow up to six plants. Patients can also buy cannabis products from dispensaries. Dispensaries are required to sell only tested and safe products. Medical marijuana dispensaries are not allowed to sell or distribute cannabis to anyone under the age of 21.

Medical marijuana is regulated by the California Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation. Any changes to local ordinances must be approved by the bureau. Cultivation of medical marijuana is allowed in California. Cultivation sites must be registered with the county they are located in. Cultivation sites are limited to a maximum of 99 plants. Cultivators must have a license from the bureau to cultivate medical marijuana. Cultivation of medical marijuana must be done in a secure and enclosed area.
The number of dispensaries and cultivation sites allowed in each county is determined by the population size. Counties with a population of less than 200,000 are only allowed up to four dispensaries. Cultivation sites are limited to two per county. larger counties may have more dispensaries and cultivation sites.

The Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MCRSA) was signed into law in 2015. The act creates a new bureau to regulate medical marijuana. The bureau will be responsible for licensing dispensaries, cultivation sites, and manufacturers of cannabis products. The act also establishes environmental and public health regulations for medical marijuana. The MCRSA will go into effect on January 1, 2018.

Medical Marijuana Cultivation And Dispensaries In Orange County

Orange County has long been known for its strict marijuana laws. In fact, the county was one of the first in the state to ban dispensaries back in 2007. However, things have changed in recent years. In 2016, the city of Santa Ana became the first in Orange County to allow marijuana dispensaries. This was followed by the city of Anaheim in 2017.

Today, there are a handful of marijuana dispensaries in Orange County. However, the number of dispensaries is far lower than the demand. This has resulted in long wait times and high prices for patients who need medical marijuana.

The future of marijuana cultivation and dispensaries in Orange County is uncertain. The county’s current laws are very restrictive, and it is unclear if or when these laws will change. For now, patients who need medical marijuana will continue to face challenges in obtaining the medication they need.

For more information on Medical marijuana cultivation and dispensaries in Orange County, please contact a local attorney.

The laws and regulations for medical marijuana can be confusing. Patients are advised to speak with a lawyer if they have any questions about the legality of their marijuana use. The California Bar Association has a list of lawyers who specialize in medical marijuana law.